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Singing Bowl

About Me

Hello and Welcome!


Offered on Donation

Private Sessions 

My name is Cory Kline and I'm a certified sound healer and reiki practitioner. But I dabble in all sorts of healing modalities! :) 

My intention here is to create a space for open minds and new experiences. I started this business after discovering the powers of frequencies (seriously, if you haven't felt the vibrations from a crystal singing bowl, then you're in for a treat!)

I've found it's pretty dang fun to hold sound baths and bring these experiences to others!

There is nothing magical special about sound bowls or myself. It's the power of the universe/creation/God/nature - whatever you'd like to call it - that has made these healing modalities available to us! They're part of our nature! 

If this interests you, then I encourage you to get in touch. 

I look forward to sharing my space and time with you!

Sending love,

Singing Bowl


My Marketing Manager

My daughter, Katja, works closely (figuratively close - she lives in the UK!) with me to help market and advertise events and manage my online presence. Plus she draws little doodles, writes little blurbs, and takes lots of little photos!

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