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Alternative Healing in Northern Virginia

My name is Cory Kline, and I'm a certified sound healer reiki practitioner who practices in other various healing modalities in the Northern Virginia area. I offer a holistic approach to medicine and passionately believe in our innate ability to heal ourselves. 

All private sessions for any of my services are conducted on a donation basis.

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Healing Services

I work with individuals, experienced practitioners, event planners, and corporations to provide healing services and events wherever I may go:) 

If you're interested in bringing one of these services to your personal life, or your professional practice, then I'd be happy to help.



Energy Healing using universal life force energy.


Tuning Forks

Specific sound frequencies used for balance and wellbeing. 


Body Code

Connect with the subconscious to understand and release energy imbalances within the body.


Sound Therapy

Deep sound vibrations using crystal singing bowls.


Emotion Code

Release trapped emotions within the body.

Upcoming Public Events

Interested in joining me for a public soundbath? I hold public sessions at least every week in the Northern VA area. Check out my upcoming events for more details!

Soothing Bell

Public Sound Baths

I hold sound bath sessions at least every week in various places around Woodbridge, VA. Check out my upcoming events to sign up for the next one!

Hope to see you there!

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Thank you for being here. Thank you for clicking on my website. Thank you for scrolling to this section.

Just the fact that you're here means that we have something in common - we both believe in the holistic approach to health, healing, and wellbeing. Armed with my singing bowls and chimes, I'm ready to offer help wherever needed. Whether you're looking for a private sound healing session, or a workshop for your yoga studio, I'd love to offer my services to whoever feels they need them.

Just a few of the benefits of sound healing are:

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Sound healing is a relaxing process - all you have to do is sit back (or lay down) and listen to the music!  Allowing yourself to relax during a sound healing session will enhance the additional benefits of a sound bath.

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Music has the potential to bring up blocked, forgotten, and repressed emotions. Allowing your body to feel these emotions and let them go can release stress and tension in the body. Allow any emotions, comfortable or not, to present themselves to you. Accept them, tell them thank you, and let them go.

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Mindfulness itself is the practice of being in the moment and sound healing makes this incredibly easy. As you take part in a session, you'll hear the undulating frequencies of each singing bowl as it reverberates through the room. Being present with these frequencies is both easy and enjoyable.

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“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease”


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Have a question? Want to chat about a collaboration? Ready to schedule a sound bath with me? Get in touch via this form!

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